Monday 19 Feb 2018

Don Bosco Missions - East Africa

Journeying with the young; Supporting Salesian Missionaries in East Africa

About us


Salesian Mission Office collaborates with Salesian Missionaries in Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan, and helps provide for the material and spiritual needs of poor and abandoned individuals, especially the young.

 We seek donations from private citizens and communities to support development projects which not only advance individuals, but also communities. We encourage and promote a prayer for the needs of our donors and their families, and those working in the educative pastoral works in our missions.

In our work we are guided by educational system of St. John Bosco, called Preventive system. We seek support not only to assist poor youth but to protect them and teach them how to help themselves through technical training and education. We seek to form the whole person stressing the need for the integration of the physical, psychological, moral and spiritual dimensions of individuals.

GOALS: The primary purpose of the Salesian Mission Office is threefold:

To make the work of Don Bosco known. To build awareness about the Salesian vocation, to raise sensitivity of the communities for the most needy in our society.

To raise funds that support the works of over 150 Salesian Priests, Brothers and Sisters who assist poor youth and families in four countries in East Africa. Funds are solicited mainly from direct mail appeals, personal approach and we also seek alternative ways of donations.

 By raising funds for Salesian Priests, Brothers and Sisters we are helping more than 20.000 of street children, disadvantaged youngsters and their families, refugees.


While setting his life for poor youngsters Don Bosco dreamt about the missions, where he could spread his work around the world, in order to serve youngsters worldwide, with special accent on the apostolic nature of the Church. He sent his first Salesian missionaries to Argentina in 1875. From there they spread throughout South America. His spiritual sons and daughters today serve youth in 132 countries in the 5 continents, thus prolonging the mission dreams of their father and founder. In Africa the Salesians are present in 42 countries.

Salesians came to East Africa in 1980. The Salesian Missionaries are comprised of Priests, Brothers and Sisters who care for the disadvantaged youth in developing countries. They help young people achieve intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity, thus becoming self-sufficient, contributing members of society, with Christian values and good social skills.

Missionaries therefore are present here in this environment to bring hope and faith to people in need, especially to the Young at Risk (street children, school drop outs, child workers, rag pickers, victims of war and violence, etc).

Mission office is supporting the work of more than 150 missionaries in Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania. Their work is based mostly on donations of people of a good will, which we try to find and inspire in the Mission office. We support the missionaries spiritually, materially and financially. Following the example of Don Bosco financially we completely rely on the Divine Providence, which comes through donors and benefactors from different parts of the world. After the world economic crisis in past 5 years also the Salesian works are experience the consequences of it; our work in finding the financial support for our numerous missions is harder than ever, but with prayer and hard work of the Mission Office we will always find a way to sustain the good works of Salesians of Don Bosco in East African Province.