Monday 19 Feb 2018

Don Bosco Missions - East Africa

Journeying with the young; Supporting Salesian Missionaries in East Africa


What is adoption? It means becoming a benefactor of children or youngsters in Kenya, Tanzania or Sudan thus enabling them to study and contributing to meeting their basic life requirements. The goal of the project is to help the disadvantaged children in a developing country to get education and to give them a chance for better life. Adoption program is the only possibility for hundreds of students to enter and complete the education process. Education is the most important tool to enter the adult life, to become independent and responsible citizen, but for many it is a luxury they cannot afford. Without education, they are condemned to poverty. By supporting children through their education, you give them future, hope and better life for their whole family and their country.
Primary school: children (usually a street children) between 8 and 14 years old. Costs: 3000 KSH  per month.
High school: youngsters between 14 and 20 years old. Costs: 6000 KSH per month.
Vocational training centers: youngsters between 14 and 21 years old. Costs: 3000 KSH per month.
In order to provide the continuance and development of our missionary work we have to keep preparing future Salesians of Don Bosco.
Aspirants: youngsters between 18 and 22 years old. Costs: 4000 KSH per month.
Students of philosophy (seminarians): youngsters between 21 and 23 years old. Costs: 5000 KSH per month.
Students of theology (seminarians): youngsters between 23 and 27 years old. Costs: 7000 KSH per month.


Choose the form of adoption of your priority, than send us an email with your request and we will send you description (details) and photo of the child, student or seminarian whom you will adopt.

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