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Don Bosco Missions - East Africa

Journeying with the young; Supporting Salesian Missionaries in East Africa



Salesians missions, the work of missionaries completely depends on Divine Providence, which expresses itself through donations of good people who want to support the work of Salesians, people who want to support the work of the Salesians in Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan.

If you want to help, you can choose:

1. To adopt of a child (see Adoption) where you contribute to the education and other basic needs of a particular child
2. To support a particular mission, see their needs below!
3. To Help Salesians in formation, those who are in (pre)novitiate or are already studying to enter the priesthood or brotherhood.
4. To support a particular missionary.

1.    KORR
•    Full haemogram for the dispensary: 450,000.00 ksh
•    Medicine (any amount)
•    Volunteers for school and dispensary
•    Food
•    Sanitary equipment, particularly for women

•    Financial assistance for the running cost; could be covered by sponsoring a particular child. One child costs us about 3000 ksh per month.
•    Food: BREAD, vegetables, fruit. Any amount is welcome, but per day (for breakfast) they were used to use about 100 loafs.

•    Construction of facilities for girls: 2,000,000.00 ksh
•    Machines: hand drill heavy duty: 40.000,00 ksh, Rooter cutters: 13,000.00 ksh per set
•    Tools: screw drivers (4,800.00 ksh per set), grinding disk carbide (2000 ksh), sash clamps 2 meters (6,000.00 ksh)
•    Music instruments: guitar (7,000 ksh per piece), keyboard (30,000.00 ksh)…
•    Balls for football and basketball

•    Tools for metal (grinding, chilser, strip edge, cutting blades…): 60,000.00 ksh
•    Bench grinding machine: 30,000.00 ksh
•    Welding machine: 120,000.00 ksh
•    Tig welding machine: 100,000.00 ksh
•    Electric tools: phase controls, phase control timers, control level timers, contol timer, overload switchers: 5,000 ksh each
•    Mason tools: mason hammer (1,200.00 ksh), spirit level (1,800.00 ksh), mason trowel (800 ksh), mason plumb bob (500 ksh), square (2,800 ksh), mason hand-saw (1,200 ksh)
•    Tyre lever: 2000 ksh
•    Wheel balancing weights: @250
•    Piston ring squeezer: 2,000.00 ksh
•    Piston ring compressor: 5.000,00 ksh
•    Internal micrometer: 5000 ksh
•    Equipment for solar technology training: 50,000.00 ksh for basic
•    Teaching models: alternator, starter motor, electrical wiring board, electrical fuel pump: @ 50,000.00 ksh each

•    Food
•    Learning materials for nursery school: charts
•    Microfon: 8.000,00 ksh
•    Replacement of machines: see as Embu
•    Music instruments: guitar (7,000 ksh per piece), keyboard (30,000.00 ksh)…
•    Balls for football and basketball
•    Equipment for solar technology training: 50,000.00 ksh for basic equip.

Those items listed under each Don Bosco house are just few taken out from the longer list. Apart from that in each house they need also:
•    Training materials: wires, sand, lathe, paper, stationeries, cement
•    Reference and text books
•    Food: especially for KAKUMA
•    IT Equipment and accessories
•    Sponsorship for the poorest: 3000 per month for primary school child and 6000 ksh per month for those in higher education.

•    FOOD, for sick and elderly (about 250 individuals)
•    Programs for empowering families (many are disintegrated due to alcohol abuse and poverty)
•    Needs for more sponsorships for students, especially to send them to secondary or at least VTC
•    Subsidized Trainings for catechists and animators (which are in each outstation), parish leaders
•    Subsidies for group events: retreats, youth camps etc.
•    beds and mattresses (at least 100 more to fill the halls)
•    Small workshops for skills, especially for more needy
•    Greenhouse for the parish: for the sustainability of the parish (place and water is there, but investment is not)
•    Need for learning materials in schools

Details for your contribution:
Don Bosco Mission Nairobi
Diamond Trust Bank
Crown Plaza, Upper hill
P.O. Box 49627 00100, N A I R O B I
Euro Account: Don Bosco Missions Nairobi A/C No. 0080217172
Shiling Acount: 0080217712
M-Pesa no.: 0722149298
For furthermore informations, please write to the following address:
Fr. Felice Molino, sdb 
Don Bosco Missions
P.O. Box 44854
00100 G.P.O. Nairobi - Kenya
Tel: 00 254 20 2711 2031, mobile: +254 722149298 (Mpesa)

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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